6B-200 C0D tachymeter

This detector is based on the latest national environmental protection industry standards designed to quickly and accurately determine the COD indicators in various types of water bodies. Can be widely used in tertiary institutions, research institutes, sewage treatment plants, environmental monitoring stations, petrochemical, paper, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, textile, leather, wine, dairy, electronics, municipal engineering and other industries.

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Technical Specifications

Standard Configuration

Data download

-Chinese operating interface, large screen guidance menu liquid crystal display

-It can directly test COD

-Single wavelength and center wavelength are 610nm

-Users can use national standard samples to make automatic calculation of curve

-Its memory has many standard curves which can be set, modified and saved through manual operation

-It has functions: result display and storage

-Cold light source, narrow band interference, and the light resource life is 100,000 hours

Measuring range

C0D 5 ~ 6000mg/L (subsection)

Temperature control range

Indoor temperature〜20CTC

Measuring error


Wavelength coverage

610±1 ( nm )

Data storage

Five million data

The number of curve

It has more than 100 standard curves

Batch sample

6/9/12/20/24/25/30/56 pieces/ batches (to collocate according to the requirement of users)

Resist chloride interference

{Cl-} < 1200mg/L ; {Cl-} < 4000mg/L

Product size


Intelligent digest instrument, cooling bath frame, dedicated solid reagent, several dedicated reaction tubes, cuvette frame and semi-automatic filling injector


Internet of things WIFI customer platform management operating system