6B-8500GB National standard COD automatic tester

It is the first set of COD classic automatic tester with new national standard method and new automated design concept, and to make the complicated analysis process become simplification, humanization, energy-saving and intelligence is our eternal goal!

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Technical Specifications

Standard Configuration

Data download

-It has Chinese 7.0 -inch color touch screen

-It conforms to the national standard to use the potassium dichromate method

-It has automatic identification in the end, and dynamic adjustment of equivalent titration

-It Uses full-automatic manipulator titration, which is more convenient, quick and accurate

-It will automatically stir during titration, so the solution is more uniform and the color is more clearly

-Mv measures the electrode interface, and the USB interface of main engine can upload the data

Measuring range

(when it exceeds measuring limitation, can implement dilution and test )


Relative error<2%

Automatic burette

One inlay (used for controlling the number of titration)

Movable liquid pump

Three inlays (used for adding auxiliary reagent)

The number of position

Seven positions (six positions for samples, one position for cleaning)

Cleaning way

Sole cleaning

Capacity of titration cup


Stirring method

Non-contact magnetic stirring

Electrode interface type

MV measuring electrode interface/main engine USB interface

Measuring time

≦15 minutes every sample

Product size




Reflow digestion instrument (8 tubes), power cord, manual, certificate, etc.


Internet of things WIFI customer platform management operating system